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  1. Pompeo says N K still poses a nuclear threat despite Trump saying the opposite

    [QUOTE=guno;2905671]So which is it rubes?

    Months after President Donald Trump declared that North Korea no longer poses a nuclear threat to the US, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the country remains a threat ahead of a planned summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un this week.

    "Do you think North Korea remains a nuclear threat?" CNN's Jake Tapper asked Pompeo Sunday on "State of the Union."
    "Yes," ...
  2. KID GROPER Joe Biden tells Germans america is an EMBARRASSMENT.

    [QUOTE=Old Trapper;2891711][QUOTE=noise;2891683]WTF bullshit is this "let them die?" the solution is the wall for illegals and immigration reform for asylum deportations. Congress fucks it up or cant do it. Dems think obstructing is "doing something"[/QUOTE]

    You had two years under the dumb fuck Trump, and could'nt do the job. You had another 6 years under Bush 43, and all you could do was start an endless war, and get us in a recession.

    And then ...
  3. Melanoma undressed

    [QUOTE=Nomad;2876274][QUOTE=Centerleftfl;2876186][SIZE=3][FONT=arial]There are a helluva lot more revealing pictures than those! And you might want to download them for posterity! [B]MELANIA'S 'modeling' photos are being PURGED 1 by 1. [/B] You gotta really search. Especially the one with the girl on girl action. That's getting harder to find.

    I have them stored in a file called [B]TRASH.[/B] And even this BOARD of low standards would probably bounce me for posting them. Talk ...
  4. Prosemitic UK Tories linked to far-right US extremists.


    [b]Tory MPs back youth group with apparent links to US far right[/b]

    Rees-Mogg and Patel support UK branch of Turning Point, accused of anti-Islam views

    A number of Conservative MPs have praised the work of a new UK rightwing youth pressure group that is said to have links to far-right conspiracy theorists, and has in the US been accused of anti-Islam views and connections to racism.

    On Sunday, MPs including ...