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  1. Can't Wait to Hear Obamite Judge's Excuse for Allowing Unfit Juror to Lead Jury

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    Perhaps Peter Strzok and Lisa Page should have been on the jury.
  2. BREAKING NEWS: Jihad Squad member divorcing

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    Guess she's gonna marry her father now.
    She said she is going to marry her father as soon as Trump stops fucking his daughter.
    This violates the TOS.
  3. America is Returning to Greatness Despite the Efforts of the Radical, Socialist Left

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    America is returning to the greatness of the past regardless of the radical Democrat Socialist anarchists.

    Anyone (PoliTalker) who hates America so intensely, is free to emigrate to that worker's paradise, Cuba, where the average wage is 21 dollars per month and its citizens are leaving on rafts or the jewel of South America, Venezuela, where the socialists have managed to starve their citizens (bring food).

    "O beautiful for spacious skies,
    For amber waves