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  1. Report: 93% of BLM Protests peaceful

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    Report: 93% of BLM Protests peaceful
    ...while 1% of orange fuck's Reichstag Rallies are sort of peaceful
  2. Pelosi will IMPEACH b4 Xmas, give Senate time to hang themselves over the holidays

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    The time has come to clean out the rotten stinking pile of shit that has accumulated in the White House.
  3. How many atheist organizations are mobilizing support and heading to the Bahama's...

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    WTF do you mean atheist organizations? That's a few and far between thing. This is just stupid.
    the dude's a complete moron
  4. Pundits: Mueller is wrapping up investigation, about to drop the hammer

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    Mueller asks court to schedule Flynn sentencing

    Source: The Hill

    BY MORGAN CHALFANT - 09/17/18 04:50 PM EDT

    Special counsel Robert Mueller is asking a federal judge in Washington, D.C., to move forward with the sentencing of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, nearly 10 months after he pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents about his Russia contacts.

    The development Monday comes after repeated delays in Flynn's sentencing.
  5. Lisa Page Testimony: Collusion Still Unproven

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    "I think this represents that even as far as May 2017, we still couldn't answer the question," Page said.
    are you fuckin joking? May 2017?

    looked at a calendar lately slick?
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