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  1. The Growing Anti-Lockdown Protestors

    The Australian government has made millions of dollars for corona fines. A pregnant woman was arrested for being against the lockdowns. A different woman got tazed for refusing to wear a mask. I could go on, but you get the picture. These lockdowns are a gift to authoritarians everywhere. Fear is the most efficient way to rule the populace.

    r/LockdownSkepticism and r/NoNewNormal are just two of the many subreddits and internet forums discussing the lockdowns and mask mandates. ...
  2. Why Do People Hate Doctor Fauci?

    Fauci initially downplayed the coronavirus, comparing it to the flu! He also opposed hydroxychloroquine while initially downplaying masks. Fauci has stated that he diminished the importance of masks to ensure that nurses and doctors would have an ample supply.

    Fauci has made a wide range of statements in the past he's had to walk back. Such as approving of Tinder hookups and Luxury Cruise Ships during the coronavirus lockdown.

    Anthony Stephen Fauci is an ...
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  3. Should we BAN PITBULLS?

    Apparently there's a large community of online dog haters.

    The stigma around disliking dogs causes a lot of people to remain silent. And of course, dog owners fall into a disapproving rant whenever anyone insults the dog lover community.

    Of course, the one place where true feelings come out is always the ballot box. Pitbull bans, leash laws, and so much more! The Anti-Dog community on the web might be losing the commentary battle, but they're winning the ...
  4. Reddit's Degenerate Purge ~ Censorship or Law & Order?

    r/AgainstDegenerateSubs is a group on Reddit that reports content violating site rules and American law. Much of this content involves children being sexualized by users of the site. ADS is hoping to clean up the reddit community by eliminating the degenerate subreddits growing and multiplying across the site. r/AgainstDegenerateSubs is a relatively young subreddit, barely even a year old. But its rapid growth is evidence that a notable portion of the Reddit community supports it message. Let's ...
  5. Creepy Weirdo Bill Gates

    Bill Gates is associated with Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Gates has attempted to control the education system via common core. Bill Gates demands digital vaccine certificates to enforce vaccine usage. Bill Gates is soft on China. Bill Gates is a hypocrite on climate change, buying a beachfront estate while saying the sea levels are rising. Bill Gates personal engineer was caught with cheese pizza. Bill Gates supports population control in Africa. Bill Gates is married to Melinda Gates, who wants seven ...
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