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  1. The Angry Foreigner & Slut Shaming

    If you love porn, don't pretend that makes everyone else a bad person for not loving it. Its funny how your every statement in the video circles around calling everyone else puritan morons, yet you're gonna tell us that everyone else is vitriolic. And because he didn't talk about it, remember that these pornstars make thousands of dollars and the smart ones are able to retire without ever working a day in their life. There's a great documentary ...
  2. Top Republican Party Sex Scandals!

    The Republican Party, the GOP, Grand old party! The Republican Party has a lot of sex scandals and sexual harassment allegations! Not to mention extramarital affairs for years on end! they say abortion is bad, while getting abortions for their mistresses! they cheat on their wives while demanding family values. Yet the voters keep putting them back in office! Joe Barton for example, had his nudes leak! Republican congressman with leaked nudes! What the hell!?

    the Republican Party ...
  3. Reddit QUARANTINES The Red Pill Subreddit

    Reddit has recently shadowbanned "The Redpill" group on their site by placing them into quarantine. This means that the redpill group will be removed from search results on Reddit and demoted in google search results to near disappearing. When you google "Reddit Redpill" nowadays, the first results are alternative groups like "Ask the Redpill" and "Redpill Women", and if I have a nickel for every time I said "Redpill" I could buy a house!
  4. Three High Profile FBI Scandals Under Trump So Far!

    There have been 3 high profile firings of FBI agents under the Trump administration so far. First was James Comey, author of the book "A Higher Loyalty" and Democrat sycophant hoping to be remembered as a hero in spite of his checkered past. Second was the deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, who leaked to the press for personal gain and ended up fired. Third, was the infamous Peter Strzok who cheated on his wife with attorney Lisa Page while bragging about his intentions of undermining ...
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  5. The Myth of Late Stage Capitalism

    Late stage capitalism is a Myth.

    Its a myth perpetuated by socialists, communists, and marxists - in the hopes that repeating such a notion will bring it into being. Its a near universally known economic principle that faith in the economy is key to driving strong economic growth - and a lack of faith can kill the markets.

    People pulling money out of the stock market and withdrawing all they have from the bank, then leads to an economic depression, which ...
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