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  1. Russian Troll Farm Hijacked American Teen Girls' Computers for Likes

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    Google says the extension has been removed Ďfrom every userís computer,í but a Daily Beast examination found otherwise.

    Online propaganda was phase one. Then came hijacking computers.

    The Kremlin-linked Russian troll farm known as the Internet Research Agency took an ominous detour into malware distribution in the middle of the 2016 presidential campaign, targeting teenage girls in the U.S. with a Chrome plug-in that pulled their browsers into a crude botnet, according
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  2. Capitalism Has Destroyed / Is Destroying American Family Values

    Quote Originally Posted by evince View Post
    The Democratic party is fighting the republican party at every turn

    how the fuck is you try and BLAME both parties

    I m sooooo sick of the right fucking everything up and then trying to force the blame onto the WHOLE system

    Including the Democratic party who STOPS them over and over again.

    The Democratic party is the HERO

    without us the assholes would already own us
    great post ...
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  3. Should Grind be able to reveal everyone's sock accounts?

    Quote Originally Posted by * View Post
    people that post with extra sock accounts do so at our leisure and pleasure, it's part of rule 14. No one is entitled to the secrecy of their other accounts and as others have mentioned in this thread we've routinely made a habit out of outing sock accounts in the past at will for no reason at all. The only exception to this would be if someone wanted to start anew and they had privacy reasons why they didn't want to be outed and they talked to us beforehand. In those circumstances we'd prob respect
  4. Be Best

    Quote Originally Posted by ZappasGuitar View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Yaya View Post
    Can you imagine if the right went after Michelle like this....

    You liberals are worse than righties.
    I can remember Righties saying MUCH WORSE about Michelle.

    Naturally you're now going to play the "clueless rube" and pretend nobody ever said anything bad about Michelle.
    thank you for your post
  5. Tax returns? What tax returns?

    Quote Originally Posted by CharacterAssassin View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by I Love America View Post
    Not care and neither do you

    Has no bearing on his ability to do his job and isnít a legal requirement. It is none of our business.

    Donít be so nosy
    It has bearing on his non-existent honesty, and how much he benefited from the tax bill that he signed. You know, the one he claimed was going to kill him? That one?

    Please be less of a stupid whore.
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