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Jade Dragon

  1. My Pro-life Mom on Kavanaugh.

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    My Mom Is big time Catholic, and goes to Church about every day. She even leads a Carmelite group at the monastery. She hates how Kavanaughs family was dragged through this, and is angry at the Democrats lawyers for not informing Ford about handling these things in California, without having to release her name. She voted for Trump mostly on pro-life issues, and really doesn't like Hillary. She is ashamed at how the Kavanaugh issue was handled, and yet she still has reservations he may be a poor
  2. "Trump claims picture ID is required to buy groceries"

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    Yep, he's still obsessed with me. Weird how when he first showed up here he sent me a PM wanting bygones to be bygones. I was cool with it. Then he reverted to AmazonDick. Surprise!

    The above is a total lie. Safe though. I would authorize her to post it.