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  1. TOP Derangement Syndrome

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    Good morning

    Taking mower deck off tractor and power washing it, greasing the deck & tractor, sharpening the blades and waxing tractor. And if after that, start the snowblowers.
    It's almost that time...hard to believe it's already the 11th...Is it just me, or is time flying faster than normal? Hope you and yours are all well...
  2. Biden claims he was at Ground Zero day after 9/11 low life has to lie

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    Jarod's in here shoveling "tRump" all over that steaming pile of dementia hoping to hide the smell from Brandon's litter box.
    That never works...
  3. Garland about to speak

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    Be careful what you wish for.

    When Trump beats all of these the democrats are pretty much going to be destroyed as a party.

    They will be considered a party that uses dirty tactics and tries to use government agencies to destroy political opponents.

    I believe we are coming up on the golden age of conservatism soon.

    See you people do stuff without thinking about the consequences of your actions, democrats live for the moment and that
  4. Well we got this week’s school shooting in the books early

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    I was just thinking how rare this was prior to Columbine. Now, it's such a regular occurrence. But even now, I'm not jaded to it - it's incredibly sad & tragic.

    It's gotta stop. I feel like it's hard to have an honest conversation about it, especially in DC, since everyone digs in on their political positions (which in turn are largely dictated by the lobbyist community). But we need a comprehensive approach to solving this issue. Yes, guns are part of it - but there is a
  5. “Where is Nancy, where is Nancy” the perp was yelling

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    You've been here five years and never started a single thread.
    So what? I don't start many threads. But I do more than troll and lapdog tricks pleasing a master.

    Sorry you can't say the same.
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