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I'm all alone please look at me

Insights into the daily mind of Grind.

  1. Planes, Complaints, and Indie Girls.

    Hello Internets, it's Grind again.

    So recently I was down in Florida catching some sun over the weekend. Not much happened it was cold etc

    On the way home I had my nice comfy window seat on the airplane, when I noticed that a group of about 20-25 girls my age were getting on the plane. "Sweet" i thought, maybe a hot one will be forced to sit next to me. Apparently it was some team from brown university, so I felt pretty dumb already, knowing that they would be ...

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  2. The Last Question

    Hello people.

    Today I will share with you a fun short story, written by Mr. Awesome himself, issac asimov.

    go go go:
  3. my color scheme sucks right now

    I haven't been able to finish this up yet. For a great tool to help pick a color scheme, go here: