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I'm all alone please look at me

Insights into the daily mind of Grind.

  1. Wow my blogs really suck

    so lets write another.

    Set fire to our atmosphere
    Maybe the thermosphere, that might make more sense
    If not I guess it'll be time for a vacation instead
    Little umbrellas in your drinks is always a good second choice

    Just imagine though that ring of fire above our heads
    dancing across the globe like some hellish aurora

    It would just be nice for a change to let space
    come down and meet us
    and envelop the grasses and dirt and ...
  2. Planes, Complaints, and Indie Girls.

    Hello Internets, it's Grind again.

    So recently I was down in Florida catching some sun over the weekend. Not much happened it was cold etc

    On the way home I had my nice comfy window seat on the airplane, when I noticed that a group of about 20-25 girls my age were getting on the plane. "Sweet" i thought, maybe a hot one will be forced to sit next to me. Apparently it was some team from brown university, so I felt pretty dumb already, knowing that they would be ...

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  3. The Last Question

    Hello people.

    Today I will share with you a fun short story, written by Mr. Awesome himself, issac asimov.

    go go go:
  4. my color scheme sucks right now

    I haven't been able to finish this up yet. For a great tool to help pick a color scheme, go here:
  5. Things to do on thursday


    Eventually I am going to put more thought into it, but for now I'm just going to talk about what I plan on doing tonight, as well as over the weekend.

    I hope to get some pizza combos and redbull, it's the best snack anyone could ever have. I highly recommend it. Then tomorrow I have to get up at the ass crack of dawn and deal with lots of asshole bostonians. There is snow and ice everywhere and everything pretty much sucks rightn ...