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  1. They're stickin' the FBI results in a safe

    [QUOTE=Stretch;2640773][QUOTE=Sailor;2640769]You sir, are the one that already has it said and done. I will wait for the actual vote.[/QUOTE]

    True enough. I don't take ANYTHING for granted anymore when the Dems [B]always seem to fully stocked on chum[/B] for the future.[/QUOTE]

    You are my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. This is what winning looks like

    [QUOTE=TTQ64;1991486][QUOTE=Bill;1991481]That is I.......... I never, ever voted nor supported christie, never even implied it...... Cos/anatta saw my ballot-I VOTED FOR JILL STEIN........[/QUOTE]

    Ah so it is you.

    *SIGH* of course you didn't vote for him, he wasn't on the ballot. ......But you know that's not what I'm talking about.

    So you don't remember ever supporting Christie?

    I'm sure there is someone from DCJ who knows what I'm ...