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  1. NAACP issues shock travel advisory against visiting Florida

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    The NAACP's national board of directors has issued a formal travel advisory for Florida, warning black and LGBTQ people against visiting the state due to Governor Ron DeSantis' policies.

    Good, No big brawls at Disney World.
    I have to wonder how crushed Florida is over this.

    Bad news for Myrtle BEach, Hilton ...
  2. What are some of your favorite Christmas carols/songs?

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  3. paul ryan bends the knee

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    What a scardycat, isn't your vote your endorsement?
    Leo admitted to voting for Trump more than once.
    Good. Perhaps he'll do it again in the fall.
  4. South Carolina Predictions... Postmodern?

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    It's the winner and all the rest lose.
    Looks like the Donald
    I wonder if the Second place matters, if its true that Donald is starting to falter in the polls, second place could be very important here.

    Everyone but Trump have been competing to be the viable alternative if Trump falters.

    Additionally if we are going to have a brokered convention, control over delegates could buy you a lot!
    One poll is not faltering.
    Brokered ...