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  1. Washington Post's editorial board calls on Biden to address the Tara Reade allegation

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    ►Missing formal complaint. Reade told The Times she filed a written complaint against Biden with the Senate personnel office. But The Times could not find any complaint. When The Times asked Reade for a copy of the complaint, she said she did not have it.

    The lie about losing her job. Readetold The Union that Biden wanted her to serve drinks at an event. After she refused, "she felt pushed out and left Biden's employ," the
  2. Imagine that. All the evidence is showing COVID was the sniffles, not the Apocalypse

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    34,386 dead. I wonder what the numbers would be if it weren't just Democrats obeying the science by social distancing, wearing masks
    and respecting stay at home orders. I wonder how low they would be if Republicans did?