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cancel2 2022

  1. Twitterís Yoel Roth finally admits mistake of censoring Postís Hunter Biden scoop

    No wonder the Left is going apeshit over Musk!!

    [COLOR=#2A2A2A][FONT=Arial]The former Twitter executive and safety chief who played a key role in censoring[URL=""] The Postís October 2020 exposť[/URL] on Hunter Bidenís infamous laptop has admitted ...
  2. AZ Republic throws in the towel

    [QUOTE=dukkha;5333156][QUOTE=Grokmaster;5333117]IT'S LIKE NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT JAN 6, THEY CARE ABOUT INFLATION, CRIME AND THE ECONOMY, [/QUOTE]Dems bullshit isnt even relevant to voters
    after 2 years of messing up the country,i think voters are sick of this shit[/QUOTE]
  3. Trump is responsible

    [QUOTE=Hawkeye10;5323702][QUOTE=Jarod;5323665]Trumppers are responsible.

    Hitler did not operate the gas chambers himself. But he was responsible.

    Bin Laden did not fly the planes himself. But he was responsible.

    Trump did not storm the Capitol himself. But he was responsible.

    Justice matters.[/QUOTE]

    Please do go fuck yourself.[/QUOTE]
  4. First day of hearings is over.....

    [QUOTE=BidenPresident;5144701][QUOTE=anonymoose;5144699]In what way? Not my fault this isnít [I]IT.[/I][/QUOTE]

    you're just an idiot[/QUOTE]

    Anonymoose is ten times the likes of you, snivelling cunt!
  5. 'WOKE Racism'. I just bought this book.

    [QUOTE=Cypress;4958668]John McWhorter is a linguistics professor, and he is an outstanding teacher of linguistics. I have taken courses from him, and almost everything I know about linguistics is through him.

    But he is not a sociologist, political scientist, or anthropologist. His insights do not come from a deep wellspring of knowledge and expertise here. Some publisher decided that because he has a modest amount of name recognition, they would be able to sell books attributed ...
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