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  1. QUESTION: 'Is USF a Dumbass???'

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    Good Morning
    Good Morning.
  2. When they see us.

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    Why are you afraid to post it?
    Did stormfront tell you to return and keep the division alive??
  3. ICE arrests 280 at Texas firm, biggest immigration bust in a decade

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    Send the undocumented immigrants back.
    No good. Illegal aliens find their way back in way too often, and they do it because they know enablers like you think they're simply undocumented and not illegal. If we lay down much stiffer penalties for illegal aliens then they won't be as inclined to break our laws.
    Go tell Merriam-Webster that they're in error:

    Definition of alien

    a: belonging or relating to another person, place, or thing :
    strange ...
  4. 3rd DRUG (& PEOPLE) TUNNEL found under AZ border wall in a month...

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    they find them and destroy them. The cartels put a lot of money and effort into tunnels.
    Border control found 3 this month -which is what the border wall is supposed to do.
    Keep people from walking across in the 10's of thousands, and restrict the flow to tunnels which are found and destroyed
    How is a wall going to stop tunnels?
    So your solution is....?

    Regarding tunnels.
  5. For Trumpcard

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    Re-posting the same thing over and over again on numerous threads seems like you are trying to justify yourself. As far as your other part, you seem to be seeing things that are not there. Again.

    For someone who just arrived and evidently is stalking me, why don't you answer the questions Trumpcard; er. grapnel?
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