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  1. Damocles's Avatar
    The monopoly on eduction by public sector unions has created a great environment for teachers, but a sad one for our students. We need to look to Belgium who creates an atmosphere of competition and their students excel.
  2. /MSG/'s Avatar
    Well that's because the past 60 years we've been training Americans for two career; government work, or factory work, all so we could fight the commies.
  3. Disillusioned's Avatar
    A step in the right direction? But how many more tests and quizes do teachers give than papers? I still think we're stuck trying to turn kids into walking reference sections
  4. Damocles's Avatar
    Would it make sense? The reality is that history classes have always been to teach people how to look up information and how to apply thought to it. There was a reason why you wrote papers in history classes, and that wasn't to prove you knew when Louis XIV died...