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  1. Welcome to my unreadable blog

    I just changed the color scheme to one based around a blue-orange contrast. Hope you don't get any headaches.
  2. Leet poem

    j00R ph4CE 15 mAD3 oF BluE n0+35
    1 C@N 533 nOTHIn9 buT 50m3 MO+3s
    1 H@V3 4 m1LL10N +1nY GO4+5
    w1lL J00 c@+ch mE pHOR mY to+3
    WELL wHen 1 $@W 4 cO@+
    1 W3nT 4ND +h3N 1 WRO+3
    $O 1 N3v3R did PH1N1$H +eh B04+
  3. I know the truth

    I have two test tommorrow and a math test on monday. Am I sweating? Of course not. I'm perfectly fine.

    On that math test, I'm probably just going to go over the problems, develop a step by step plan to solve each kind of problem she put in the study guide, and then upload it to my calculator. This isn't cheating. This is just a way of expanding my mind beyond my head, to my calculator, where I will read what I wrote. Memory is so 1000 BC. And I'm going to fail anyway.