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  1. It is Bernie over Ass Snot by 9 Points
  2. Mr Ass Snot is World Wide Laughing Stock
  3. Dems Keep the Ass Snot busy tweeting
  4. One More ˝ & ˝ Race Hustler
  5. Whites don't use this quote.
  6. Is the group 'Negroes for Trump' secretly behind the Looting?
  7. 'Black Privilege' ...
  8. Was a JPP Member 'racially profiled' by a Moderator?
  9. So will this exersize have the desired effect ?
  10. No Second Term for President Ass Snot
  11. President Ass Snot Increases protests
  12. President Ass Snot Gives White House to Biden
  13. President ass snot supporters foment riots.
  14. Presidernt Ass Snot get Ass Whooped in Swing States
  16. President Ass Snot is a Historic Leader
  17. President Ass Snot Commits Felony Voter Fraud
  18. Biden now up 11 over that Ass Snot Guy
  19. Ass Snot continues his dumb fuckery
  20. President Ass Snot is a Racist
  21. Military Denounces President Ass Snot
  22. President Ass Snot Completes his Wall
  23. Black Approval of President Ass Snot at 10%
  24. President ass snot Obeys Putins Orders
  25. How about a little Black Community Reform?
  26. Biden leads the ass snot guy by 12 Points in Michigan
  27. ass snot Completes his Fence
  28. Should the US open it's Market up to the African Slave Traders?
  29. That ass snot guy Cuts Funding for Corona Virus Research.
  30. Your ass snot guy Should go back to Hiding in his Bunker
  31. The ass snot guy Drives Wave Two of the Pandemic
  32. The ass snot guy is the Recession guy
  33. ass snot is in the shitter
  34. The ass snot Guy is Killing Americans
  35. ass snot is Second Confederacy President
  36. ass snot is a Sick Man
  37. Your ass snot guy Starts the Second Wave of Death
  38. General Apologizes for being near the ass snot Guy
  39. The ass snot guy crashes the DOW
  40. ass snot guy Gonna Crash and Burn
  41. ass snot Poised to Lose in Biggest Landslide in Modern History
  42. Chairman of Joint Chiefs Apologizes for being by ass snot guy
  43. More ass snot Corruption
  44. America Knows the ass snot Guy is a Fuck Up
  45. ass snot People are Closet Gays
  46. ass snot guys are Mentally Ill
  47. What are some of your favorite suggestions for Steven Van Der Idiot?
  48. If Biden sodomizes a young boy, will you still support him?
  50. Innocent person of color murdered by police
  51. Police Cars Replacing Horses
  52. Martin Luther King had 45 lovers, secret FBI cache reveals
  53. MUST SEE - Not everyone is a BLM Marxist
  54. So who is at fault here?
  55. Did The High Court Stick It To Senile Joe Biden?
  56. no politics is safe for work.
  57. Seven men INSULT NEGROS in Oregon. Negros run to cops and get the 7 arrested!!!
  58. How masturbation and porn can now be regulated on a national level
  59. This is the worst fucking message-board on the planet
  60. Eulogizing Dumbbells
  61. “F*** THE PEACEFUL PROTESTS” Shouts Angry BLM Leader At Portland Rally (VIDEO)
  62. The World Needs A Vaccine For Suckervirus
  63. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is called a 'fucking bitch' by another Representative.
  64. Republicans go Fuck States Rights
  65. Which One Is More Left?
  66. Oh Lord! Teflon Don begins his menstrual cycle again.
  67. Curricula v. School Choice
  68. A proposed CIA/MI6/Interpol hit-list of treasonous "celebrities"
  69. Trump is a fucking pig
  70. Science Doesn't Make Any Sense!
  71. Who knew Fauxi had a hard on for Crooked Hillary?
  72. #%#^ cheers the death of 5 year old “He’s White, It’s Time For Revenge”
  73. Was slavery such a bad idea after all?
  75. Truth Will Out
  76. United Nations National Convention
  77. Quack Quack Quack ... Far-Right Agitator Laura Loomer Wins GOP Primary in Florida
  78. Kimberly Guilfoyle At The RNC
  79. Bite Your Tongue Dr. Pillsbury
  80. Even fat ass knows the left is fucked.
  81. A Burglary In Process
  82. Joe Biden No Longer Makes Sense When He Talks
  83. Grim Reaper Comes Calling
  84. A Liberal’s Tyranny Of Numbers
  85. Should Harvey Milk Day Be Repealed in California?
  86. Shekel shuffle
  87. Tucker Carlson from Fox News - Advocated Sex with Minors as young as 13
  88. Trump bows to Chinese ...
  89. How In Hell Is Biden Going To Vett Disney’s Rat?
  90. Trump Memes - post them here
  91. Will Queers still be allowed to 'Marry' ?
  92. ACB Bad —— JFK Good
  93. Schadenfreude Is Nothing New To Democrats
  94. Trump Has To Adopt My Suggestion For A Theme Song
  95. Near Only Counts In Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
  96. I'm going to post this because %#%^* you
  97. Eleanor Never Got One
  98. Give Him A Big Razor-Sharp Knife
  99. Fauci is fucked
  100. The XVI Amendment Beguiles And Persuades
  101. Meet Joe Bidens son
  102. Florida Goes Shithole
  103. Passions Of The Moment
  104. Americans Owe Al Gore A Big Thank You
  105. Thank God I Cancelled Pay TV
  106. In Good Countenance End All Pressers
  107. Memories of TRUMP
  108. Common Core & Hitler’s Children
  109. The Democrat Party Will Increase Its Voter Base By 11,000,000-Plus
  110. Stick With The Charge Of Treason Against Democrats
  111. Purebred Lap Dog
  112. John Kerry’s Chapeau
  113. Blacks Used for Destruction and Mayhem
  114. Play The Race Card When All Else Fails
  115. Biden’s China Hands
  116. Coronavirus Is Becoming
  117. The N Word, and Why We Need It
  118. will joe biter kiss the rear ends of Iran like O bung hole did
  119. First Hooker is a Spreader
  120. The Pussy Grabber Pooched it
  121. Synonym —— Parasitic & Congress
  122. The Dam Is Breaking
  123. Why do so many democrats perfer women with a penis
  124. Happy New Year From The Little Old Lady
  125. John Roberts v. Jean Genet
  126. Quit Defending Biden
  127. The Democrat Party’s Greatest Enemy
  128. Call It Texit Instead Of Calling It Secession
  129. I Am Dead
  130. God help us. Senate confirms BLACK MAN as Secretary of Defense !!!
  131. $500,000,000 On Its Way To The White House
  132. The Skunk At The Public Trough
  133. Leftist Viagra
  134. Surround Them
  135. Look At Trump’s Negatives
  136. Walts post is #%^* stupid...
  137. Phlogiston Rides Again
  138. Biden Is On The Road
  139. Klingon Court Tries Captain Kirk
  140. Czech Castings Shut Down for Manipulation/Coercion of Women
  141. Trump Acquitted Twice
  142. Bombshell Pix Of Hunter Biden Naked And In Bed With Underage Girl daddy is so proud
  143. Identifying The Big Lie
  144. Two Traitors
  145. Leaked Alex Jones 2019 video "God, I'm so fucking sick of Trump!!!"
  146. The one thing I would love to do
  147. I Win The Bet
  148. Kassidi Kurill & Marvin Hagler
  149. Mafia Dons Can Take Lessons From Democrats
  150. Biden’s Twofer
  151. International Lie Means United Nations Lie
  152. Stealing Money The Parasite Way
  153. One Award Romney Truly Deserves
  154. Show Me Your Certificates
  155. Big Potatoes v. Small Potatoes
  156. Moderate-left?
  157. The Race For The Throne
  158. who else likes edgelord Tim Dillon?
  159. The ECHR Is A Subsidy Of The United Nations
  160. Take It From The Experts
  161. Senator Paul Is Wrong On One Point
  162. General Patton & Communism
  163. Abolish Juries
  164. The Smiling Turd Sure Knows How To Pick Them
  165. Who Needs Polls?
  166. While Harris Is Down On Her Knees
  167. Tucker Carlson Names Names
  168. Gleichschaltung
  169. Democrats Do Not Need Permits To Riot
  170. dr. judy mikovits vax truther
  171. Depraved Indifference
  172. Size Matters
  173. Blame Bush The Elder For This One
  174. President Eisenhower Never Saw COVID-19 Lies Coming
  175. I Was Only Following Orders
  176. General Patton Knew How To Win Wars
  177. Samantha Power Cleaning Up For Kamala Harris
  178. Does anyone remember how mao did the same thing
  179. Nazi-ish comments from JPP "Democrats" (that are really social Marxists)
  180. Sound Sink Subs
  181. Biden fucks up bigtime...
  182. One Of Hillary’s Perverts Is Going To Prison
  183. Uh-Oh The Bloom Is Starting To Fade From The DeSantis Rose
  184. What Some Think Of CRT
  185. The Condemned Smiling On The Way To The Gibbet
  186. Do Not Run Against Obamacare
  187. Allen West & J. Q. Adams
  188. That Which We Call A Wretch Is Much Worse By Any Name
  189. Confirmation Denied
  190. Paul Robson (1898 – 1976)
  191. Three Joes On A Match
  192. Parasites Will Only Get $1,000,000,000,000 From GOP Senators
  193. this is still true
  194. Political Music
  195. Biden Needs To Address This ASAP Overflowing Potties Are A Problem
  196. Annie Get Your Camera
  197. Turkey Tester
  198. Noble Ideals
  199. If Afghans Get Here?
  200. Defeat Without Shame In Afghanistan
  201. Did Biden Background Check These Guys?
  202. Biden Has Two Policies
  203. Minister Garbitsch
  204. Most Overrated Presidents
  205. The Divine Sarah Is Back
  206. Scummy Joe Addressed The Cesspool
  207. Coomer Might Mistakenly Overturn A Rock
  208. Elderly Americans Beware
  209. R. Kelly found guilty on all counts in sex-trafficking trial
  210. The Sixth Branch
  211. Biden Stole The Election With Bibbles
  212. Wrong Category
  213. A New Political Class
  214. Defund The U.N.’s Agenda
  215. Why don't Ga. Just come out and say, minorities can't vote??
  216. If rednecks really wanted to start a race war, they'd attend their own family reunion
  217. Trump doesn't want to be president, he just like owing ignorant white ppl
  218. Murderous white mop cop, eyes body cam for a Oscar winning fake plea performance
  219. What gifts will Chris Cumo give to big brother this holiday?
  220. The Ukrainian government sold itself to Soros: does the U.S. need such friends?
  221. Biden likely pick for SC judge. Ketanji Onyika Brown. Super-ugly black woman.
  222. Can anyone produce a single example of WHITE PRIVILEGE??
  223. Facts re Ketanji Jackson - Uncle was serving a life sentence. She hates southerners
  224. Alt Right Karens Are Crazy, As They Try To Arrest Police
  225. NSFW
  226. In comedy you have to kill, and here's why that is...
  227. Blacks Commit the Most Hate Crimes and Interracial Violence
  228. Earl - After so Many Are Banned from Your Threads - Who's Left?
  229. Bill Maher's Take on Herschel Walker - Funny and Scary!
  230. Citizens for Sanity
  231. The real reason why Britain left the EU
  232. Universal Healthcare Voted Into Law!
  233. A little something for all the racists here
  234. One reason to not trust news from Twitter:
  235. Black man blows white mans head off in broad daylight
  236. How trump views himself, compared to how trump looks
  237. Is it ok to tell a woman you work with that she is fat?
  238. What is wrong with the term midget?
  239. Howard Stern talks about Lauren B⊙⊙Bert....
  241. Racist CA gives us Ebony Alerts for missing black (BUT NOT WHITE) kids
  242. Emergency Surgery Performed