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  1. Let's see how it goes...
  2. Muhammad was the final prophet sent by Almighty Allah
  3. Record Number Christian Colleges Request Right to Discriminate LGBTQ Students
  4. The War on Christmas
  5. What was the most difficult but inspirational moment in your life...
  6. Franklin Graham leaving GOP
  7. Cathollic Social Teaching
  8. The existence of Israel is proof there is no God
  9. apostasy. what is it?
  10. transwarpdrive like carholic rape but not muslim rape
  11. "death to the heretic Christians, enemies of Israel."
  12. Understanding Christianity - Questions for Christians
  13. The Truth About Islam
  14. What about Christian correctness at conservative colleges?
  15. Why the left hate Israel
  16. Four Great Religious Truths
  17. The Angel of Arkansas
  18. Satanism
  19. Humanity Fails Again
  20. An inside look at an ultra-Orthodox wedding in Israel
  21. Rabbi Lila Kagedan: A history-making title in Orthodox Judaism
  22. Indiana state trooper fired for proselytizing during traffic stops
  23. Virgin Mary statue stirs up debate in secular Uruguay
  24. What do we do about the problem of nihilism?
  25. Why do we trust the church?
  26. Dalai Lama's "Atlas of Emotions" Project
  27. Obama: US in 'better place' than when he graduated college
  28. What the Taliban and Christian conservatives have in common
  29. End times, rapture & Antichrist focus of new study
  30. Pope calls employers who exploit workers ‘bloodsuckers
  31. Muslim Obama will burn in hell For promoting the mentally ill act of homosexuality?
  32. Obama Cites Scripture To Defend School Bathrooms Rule
  33. Creationists, Anti-Creationists, and Economics...
  34. In 1939 The Soviet Union invaded Finland...
  35. Imagine No Drachma...
  36. Christians. Some Are More Disgusting Than Others
  37. Prophetic Message Jesus called ppl names & trump will be president, firefighter Ret
  39. Muslims in history
  40. Tim LaHaye, author of "Left Behind" end-times novels, dies
  41. Isn't the dirty don really just a pagan??
  42. Malawi is a mostly Christian nation
  43. Will Trump forgive Jesus or God?
  44. test
  45. Could Jesus be Libertarian?
  46. For Science Nerds Only
  47. The Bible lets me do it, and Trump's VP pick signed the law
  48. 👹 Catalogs & magazines are tools of Satan, says pastor ✝
  49. Evangelical exiles: How Trump is driving some believers away from the GOP
  50. Pat Robertson: It’s ‘macho’ for Trump to grab women ‘by the p*ssy’ without permission
  51. How a new generation is changing evangelical Christianity
  52. Prayers for the last time at the Calais Jungle’s makeshift church
  53. Catholic parish bulletin says Democratic voters are doomed to hell, Clinton is satan
  54. Bill Maher Thanks Donald Trump For Exposing ‘Hypocritical’ Evangelicals
  55. Maher calls out Trumpkin evangelicals for what they are: Shameless hypocrites
  56. Will anyone be leading us in prayers for dear brother dirty's VICTORY??
  57. Christianity’s own ‘War on Christmas’
  58. Sermon title tonight: Analyzing a Politician's Mistakes
  59. Florida seed faith huckster pastor to deliver religious invocation at Trump crowning
  60. Epiphany: World Photos
  61. Absolute-ness. Absolute and Absolute reality
  62. Scientists use mathematical calculations to PROVE the existence of God
  63. "Bible literalists"
  64. Medi-share
  65. What Is "Hate"
  66. What’s your SACRIFICE lately?
  67. Russian book club
  68. a holy convocation
  69. Христос Воскресе
  70. Religious huckster Benny Hinn Ministries RAIDED BY IRS, postal inspectors..
  71. I WAS WRONG: brainfart notification
  72. betting is for idiots
  73. Is it possible to be a good Christian and a Trump supporter?
  74. GOD will heal Americans if ABORTION is stopped
  75. The liberal agenda has no boundaries- any perversion, at any age
  76. lets remember what real human leadership sounds like
  77. Biblical scholars agree, Trump is an evil human.
  78. God Turning His Face from us:palm:
  79. Why would one hate something they don't Believe In?
  80. Does anyone here need their dick sucked?
  81. September 23, 2017
  82. Taylor Swift wins lawsuit against pervert DJ
  83. Fallacies of Race
  84. Excellent Homily this morning, and my tie-in to contemporary politics
  85. They know he’s not a real Christian’: explains why evangelicals luv trumpf
  86. Gay ppl to blame for Hurricane Harvey, say evangelical Christian leaders
  87. Marriage is only between a man and a woman
  88. I think I understand liberals today
  89. What Religion you belong ?
  90. Join The Church Of Hitler.
  91. Topless feminists throw firebombs, tampons and feces at a Catholic church
  92. Should Socialists ☭ (DEMOCRATS) ever be allowed to rule America again?
  93. DEMOCRATS think these are equivalent?
  94. Catholics In the News...
  95. America was not founded on....
  96. Feminized liberalism is revenge - "if innocent men get hurt, so be it"
  97. Liberals and religion
  98. Archbishop of Canterbury doesn't understand Christian support for an SOB like rumpf
  99. Questions that liberals can't answer
  100. Dilemmas for Muslims
  101. Thoughts on the liberal hive mind
  102. Why DEMOCRATS hate prosperity
  103. Liberals vs Jesus
  104. Study says Trump was right 👌
  105. 0 for 2017
  106. Vatican Council and Papal Statements on Islam
  107. The leftist roots of WWII Fascism
  108. Immigration analyzed
  109. Rosary
  110. Saint Therese of Lisieux
  111. Ant Farms, child's window into toil and death!
  112. Why demographics matter | Jean-Francois Gariépy
  113. Effects of physical attractiveness on political beliefs
  116. Is there a trend towards Atheism as more info is abailable online?
  117. Rest in peace Billy Graham
  119. The universe requires a Creator
  120. Deceptive God, Incompetent Messiah
  121. A list of false teachings in the Roman Catholic Church.
  122. What defines a Christian?
  123. Once you eliminate the impossible...
  124. Question.
  125. To Eat meat is to be Sadistic.
  127. Yam or Yamm, Cannanite god of the sea.
  128. What is the Pentecostal Church and what do Pentecostals believe?
  129. A very wise man as was his analysis
  130. Human's history of wars proves that we are recidivists
  131. Sword of my mouth
  132. Annals of Sargon II... who are the Palestinians?
  133. feeling the feels:a human trait
  134. Humanity In A Nutshell. (Through Pictures)
  135. Does Anybody Like The Truth Unforbidden?
  136. Tracing the origins of the Serpent Cult
  137. What is "the godhead"
  138. Humanity In A Nutshell. (Through Pictures)
  139. Catholic Priests, Adding Another Layer of Waste, Are Offering Exorcisms By Phone Read
  140. Cannibalism
  141. This president needed the evangelicals to get him elected.
  142. What world Scriptures include recipes?
  143. Should Christians buy health insurance?
  144. Questions for the religious
  145. Genesis of Genesis: Where Did the Biblical Story of Creation Come From?
  146. How the Jews Invented God, and Made Him Great
  147. God of Metalurgy?
  148. Secret manuscript revealing Jesus’ teachings to his brother James re-writes The Bible
  149. Muhammed's treaties and the Martyred Christians of Najran
  150. Christian Soldiers
  151. When Egypt Ruled Canaan
  152. christian buybull Inconsistencies
  153. Why Christians just don't get it
  154. Yet Again: Religious Myth Leads to Murder
  155. ✞ The Pope comforts a grieving child
  156. Child abuse and terrorism
  157. Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean
  159. Catholics in the news
  160. Protestants decline, more have no religion in a sharply shifting religious landscape
  161. anybody out there like this?
  162. Einstein
  163. Why Socialism?
  164. White Evangelicals Are The Most Fragile Of All White People
  165. What Went Wrong with White Protestant Evangelicals In the US?
  166. Recommended Churches and organizations for trump supporters like me and you
  167. American Evangelism Looks Like an Apocalyptic Death-Cult
  168. Evangelist Claims Second Amendment Is ‘In The Bible’
  169. Religious Experiences Shrink Part of the Brain
  170. How Liberty University Creates Creationists
  171. If not God, then...
  172. The racism treadmill; why "progressives" are wrong
  173. Proof that God exists.
  174. Pew Study: Atheists Sometimes More Religious Than Christians ...
  175. Are right-wing evangelicals causing the rise in religious 'nones'?
  176. Atheists: a 5 year old is on her deathbed....
  177. If there had been no Scofield Bible
  178. The Reality Disfunction.
  179. The most and least educated U.S. religious groups
  180. Liberals are always angry, it seems
  181. Dispensationalism
  182. The Psychology of Christian Fundamentalism
  183. "Natural Sequence"
  184. Genesis Creation vs. Darwin's Macroevolution Myth
  185. Science confirms Scripture.
  186. Just watched is movie
  187. The Jesus story destroyed using the christian bible
  188. Jesus Christ as God and the Trinity Was Not Invented Until the Fourth Century?
  189. The Beast Revelation
  190. I Accuse!
  191. Torah Compared With Previous Ancient Law Codes-Code of Hammurabi
  192. How Christians Destroyed the Ancient World
  193. Rapture Doctrine invented by John Darby in 1830 AD
  194. Paul's famous revelation may have been 'caused by epileptic fit', say scientists
  195. Prayer for Peace, Tom Kimball, Kirtland Temple of the Community of Christ, today
  196. Creationist Ken Ham Blames Atheists For Reports That Ark Park Is Failing
  197. The Most Post-Christian Cities in the U.S.
  198. The Most and Least Educated Religious Groups
  199. The bankruptcy of atheism.
  200. Is there such a thing as absolute truth?
  201. The Great Commission-Matthew 28:16B-20
  202. If you reject Religion you don't have to be an Atheist
  203. Another Bible prophecy fulfilled!
  204. Too much Freedom Leads to none
  205. Christians are anti-science.
  206. Inconvenient facts
  207. Incredible Proof for Why You Should Have Faith in the Bible
  208. Can one prove god exists? or doesn't?
  209. Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad
  210. Jesus own family prove that he was NOT divine
  211. Philosphy, free will, and the absence of Religious authority
  212. Did you know...
  213. Jesus Is A Myth, Just Like President Kennedy
  214. Lego DNA.
  215. the philosophy of serial groaners
  216. Is free will a myth?
  217. Mormon leader: Nicknames for faith are 'victory for Satan'
  218. Prais the Lord.
  219. We need to stop labeling people
  220. questions about the trump/k. west WH televised meeting
  222. Chance and the Sovereignty of God
  223. Nationalism and Nazi ideology
  224. Million Dollar Wedding
  225. Bare foot boy with cheeks of tan, blessing on thy little man
  226. After the election is over...
  227. Magic
  228. Religion causes war.
  229. The Twisted Logic of the Jewish ‘Historic Right’ to Israel
  230. Religious Racism: Texas Church Argues There's a Biblical Precedent for Strict Racial
  231. 2000 Years of Christian Love
  232. Magical thinking.
  233. Once again, archaeology confirms Scripture.
  234. The “Slave Bible” Is a Stark Reminder of How the Holy Book Can Justify Evil
  235. Ultra rich unsatisfied: study
  236. Explain this.
  237. Discuss
  238. Bhagavad-gita on 45 Cards
  239. Atheist logic
  240. America is a christian nation?
  241. What is the difference between the old and new covenant ? Frank
  242. Isaiah 53 and the christian fail
  243. Cyrus the Messiah
  244. A slice of Spanish history
  245. Haley’s Tapeworm
  246. Obama’s Larcenous Penguins
  247. A 4,400 Year Old Eternity Hustler Uncovered
  248. Israel’s Two Creation Stories
  249. The Hammer of the Witches
  250. Democrat Party’s Brand Of Intolerance