Open and Close of AMVETs Post 121

The day I opened and closed the bar.
  1. The best picture so far.
  2. I am not a good photographer drunk
  3. 11pm, closing time. I celebrate with a beer and a view of all the tabs I've collected.
  4. A clearer picture of my victory
  5. A blurry shot ot the tabs.
  6. No longer have a visible neck. It's 8pm and I secretly want to stop. I make no vocalization of this though, because I am too proud.
  7. Carie, doing her job. Why did I take this?
  8. 9pm, I am now drunk (durh). Enjoying my fabulous Miller High Life for $1.50
  9. Happy to have my victory photographed, it's now 6pm and Bob (the guy in black) bought me a drink.
  10. Notice I am slouching more, because I've been drinking for 7 solid hours. I remain happy though, because Bill bought me another drink.
  11. 3pm. Noticeably buzzed because I'm trying to appear 100% sober
  12. 5pm. Fuck 4.
  13. Also 5pm. This time it was the bar maid (Carie) who took it.
  14. First hour of drinking. Time: 1pm
  15. My leg, because I was unable to hold the camera correctly. Still not drunk though (2pm)
  16. 2pm, not drunk yet
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