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  1. To this day I've never significantly integrated parrying into my strategy. I might play an all parry game one day, where any enemy that can be killed by parrying has to be killed that way. Then I'll git gud at it.
  2. Hmmm, it took me a while to get used to the slowness. The key, I found, was to never make the first hit, and learn how to dodge properly. Now I can dodge anything, so my first opening move for most enemies consists of approaching, baiting their attack, dodging said attack, and then hitting them while they're wide open with my slow ass attack. But this was during my no shield run. I don't even use shields anymore. This is a bit too much to expect from someone new to DS.

    I played my first game of DS literally holding down the right bumper of my controller the whole time in preparation for attacks.

    The usual way to mitigate for strength weapon slowness is to use its range to your advantage, though.
  3. The Drake Sword is an excellent early game weapon, but it's also a bit of a n00b trap. The thing is that it doesn't scale with level, so any basic weapon will soon come to massively outrank it. It will have lost it's edge by the time you get to Blighttown, and be almost totally useless at Sen's Fortress (amazingly, I did read on a forum one time about a guy who best the game with a +4 Drake Sword - this guy is a golden god, I lay down my axe before him).

    Bastard Sword is pretty good. On my newest save I'm playing with a Zweihander (which is an ultra-greatsword you can get by killing the skellies near Firelink Shrine). I guess this is a bit of a copy of my DS2 build, which also relied on a UGS, but I've never done a DS playthrough with one, so oh well. At this point I've played a Dex build, a sorceror build, a Cleric, and a strength build, so there's really not much else to do.
  4. You want to get the Crest of Artorias from Andre for 20k souls:

    This will open the crest locked door next to the bonfire. Beyond this bonfire is the Clan of Forest Protectors:

    These guys are tough, but with practice you should be able to isolate them into four 1 on 1 battles and take them down fairly easily. The four respawning ones will give you, altogether, 7k souls. In return for a few minutes of battles. It's the best grinding spot in the entire game.
  5. And, yeah, the game takes much less time to beat after having actually beat it. My first playthrough took 100 hours, my second took maybe 20.
  6. The best farming spot in the game is in Dark Root basin. I suppose your speaking of the four warrior behind the unlockable door there, next to a bonfire? I've spent countless hours there.
  7. So, how much of Dark Souls have you beat?
  8. Yeah, that's basically it. Source: I beat DS twice.
  9. I know in games it's pretty much mandatory to use the Dragunov because it's semi-automatic. Your trying to take out 5-7 people at once, if you have semi-automatic you can maybe get 2-3 down before the element of surprise is totally lost, if you have to have to load your bolt action your going to maybe get one guy down, and by the time you've loaded your bolt action again all the rest have taken cover and you have to watch for them to pop out or chase them down with close range weapons.

    To a sniper in real life, things are probably different.
  10. Your esteemed opinion is requested on the matter of the SVD Dragunov:

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I really think I'm as awesome as I say I am. Seriously, I'm the greatest human being ever. It's not that I'm better or more deserving than anyone, they're just not as good as me.

I wish I could play an instrument. The only musical talent I have is good ears and if I knew the scale, I could write some kickass metal.

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