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  1. The original Dark Souls had such OP stamina recovery items. They nerfed them down to like 1/10 as most regeneration in DS2. So, yeah, Grass Crest shield and Mask of the Child are pretty good.

    I don't really know much about armors, though. In my first game, I played with the Gold-Hemmed Black Set, because I was a pyromancer. In my second, I think I was a sorcerer, not sure what robes I used. In this game I'm playing naked, and with no shield.
  2. Yeah, that's more impressive.

    I think I died 30 times to them before victory. The hardest boss I probably faced in all of my time in Dark Souls - although I guess for Dark Souls 2 I had a lot more experience, and so I can't really compare it (plus, I frequently "cheated" and brought in a co-op partner to take down a boss in DS2; the first time I played DS1, I did so on a pirated copy, and had no access to the internet side of things at all).
  3. My final rocket was almost twice the size of the Saturn V. 4000 tons. And it only carried a single Kerbal. But it was considerably simpler. Just two stages did the Trans-Lunar-Injection instead of three. And it had just ascent and descent stages for the actual lunar vehicle, rather than ascent, descent, as well as a service module that stayed in orbit and carried the fuel that took them back home. Mine also had much higher thrust-to-weight ratio's than the Saturn V in all comparable stages - this is less efficient, but it's simpler to pilot high TWR vehicles than low TWR ones.
  4. I finally got to the Moon in RSS! By far the hardest thing I've ever done in KSP.
  5. It turns out I was using a low thrust configuration of the upper stage J-2 engine, resulting in abnormally high gravity losses in the second and third stages. I also replaced the Rocketdyne F-1 with the engine from the Russian Energia. Sacrilege, sure, but it's lighter, has more thrust, and is more efficient. An all around better engine. That gives me like 400-500 extra Dv easily.

    Orbiting is easy in stock. Point straight up until you're at 10k feet. Then turn to 45 degrees. Do this until your apoasis is in space. Float to near your apoasis and burn until your periapsis is also in space. You are now orbiting.
  6. Man, fuck the Saturn V. What an annoying spacecraft to pilot. I'm going to make my own moon mission, and it's going to PWN Apollo. Suck it, von Braun.
  7. I see. So, you took out TD purely as a matter of vengeance. I approve.
  8. How did you upgrade it without getting to Andre first?
  9. It goes a lot quicker the second time. Black Knight Sword is a good early game weapon.

    I avoided the Taurus Demon this playthrough, slew Havel the Rock instead and took a detour. This keeps the Undead Burg open as a multiplayer area.
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One of my favorite stories

by Trafalgar D. Water Law on 02-20-2010 at 10:39 PM
Everyone who knows me loves it when I tell this story, so I felt I should share it with you all.

I'll start off by saying that I'm not really a good person. My buddy Mike and I invented a game to play while we were in the Marine Corps. We would find lonely desperate women online (craigslist,onlinebootycall,plentyoffish, Etc) and convince them that we were interested in whatever they were looking for. Love, sex, friendship, you name it.

Of course we were both married at

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Mindless Ramblings

by Trafalgar D. Water Law on 01-22-2010 at 03:47 PM
This first paragraph is the only part that has an actual theme. I'm bored, love to write, and feel like you all should glimpse into the awesomeness of my life.

I really think I'm as awesome as I say I am. Seriously, I'm the greatest human being ever. It's not that I'm better or more deserving than anyone, they're just not as good as me.

I wish I could play an instrument. The only musical talent I have is good ears and if I knew the scale, I could write some kickass metal.

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